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WordPress Training in Hyderabad

WordPress Training in Hyderabad, India – This 8-days One-to-One WordPress Training Course designed to give Students and Web Designers the Skills, Tools, and Knowledge to Implement, to Make and Maintain a WordPress Website. Students will learn how to Install, Configure and Develop a WordPress Website, and to troubleshoot, in case of problems. This course is a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises and finally a Project that provide real-time practical experience to the students. You will be building your brand new website and working on it throughout this course.

If you’re looking to build your KnowledgeConfidence and a Website in WordPress, you’re in the right place.


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Our Regular Wordpress Training Batch is Starting On 19th April, Monday @ 9 AM & On 22nd April, Thursday @ 2 PM & for other batch timings and details Call me on 091-9010392034.

Skills You Build In This Training

Skills you develope as a wordpress developer

Skills You Build

01. WordPress Basics
02. Slider
03. Custom Menu
04. Accordions
05. Progress Bars
06. Google Map
07. Image Carousel
08. Content Carousel
09. Icon Text Blocks
10. Pricing Tables
11. Tagline or Call To Action
12. Parallax Effects
13. Animated Content Boxes
14. Image Content Boxes
15. Buttons

Skills You Build

16. Dynamic Headings
17. Image Gallery
18. Contact Form
19. Themes Customization
20. Plugins Installation & Setup
21. Widgets Setup
22. Blog Creation
23. Local Server Setup
24. Website Backup & Restore
25. How to use cPanel
26. Sitemap Generation & Submission
27. Google Analytics
28. Image Optimisation
29. Pages & Posts

Skills You Build

30. Updating WordPress, Themes & Plugins
31. How To Secure Your Website
32. How To Speed Up Your Website
33. Free Vs Premium
34. Where To Get Themes And Plugins
35. How To Select A Theme
36. Shortcodes
37. Domains & Hosting
38. Section Backgounds
39. Live Project
40. Getting Freelancing Work etc.

Why Choose Us To Learn WordPress Training?

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[icon-box title=”WordPress Live Project Training” desc=”Our Live Project Training Program is specially designed for students who can build and customize a business and professional wordPress website.” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”3506″ size=”64″ pos=”left” animation=”right-to-left”][icon-box title=”We’re WordPress Specialists” desc=”We’re experts in the field of WordPress Training in India, dealing only in WordPress Training and Development” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”3507″ size=”64″ pos=”left” animation=”right-to-left”][icon-box title=”Explore Your Web Designing Skills” desc=”Work on Your Dream Project” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”3509″ size=”64″ pos=”left” animation=”right-to-left”][icon-box title=”Learn from Web Professionals” desc=”From Basics to Live Projects” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”3510″ size=”64″ pos=”left” animation=”right-to-left”][icon-box title=”Hyderabad’s First” desc=”Hyderabad’s One & Only WordPress Training Institute” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”3511″ size=”64″ pos=”left” animation=”right-to-left”]
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WordPress Basics in PDF format

Before joining any wordpress training course you should have some basic knowledge about wordpress. Here is a small guide, which tells about wordpress basics. We have many pdf books and wordpress training videos. Download this pdf book and see yourself. We have a complete wordpress guide in pdf, when you join our course.

Download WordPress Basics FREE eBook


After Training Support

Good teaching makes all the difference to successful learning, which is why WordPress Training in Hyderabad is having the different ways of support for its student’s success.

Pre Training Support

  • Training Material
  • WordPress eBook (PDF Format)
  • Articles
  • Videos

Post Training Support

  • If you are not able to follow the training, you can attend the next batch.
  • Email Support
  • Skype Support
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WordPress Training from Basics

You are going to learn WordPress from basics and finally designing a website exactly like project website with all features available there on a web server live. By doing this you come to know real time problems of designing and hosting a website. Along with you are learning security concerns of a WordPress website and how to take backup of your website. You can mastering these skills till you are confident.

This WordPress Training in Hyderabad is a Non-Programmer and a Non-Designer’s dream. You can quickly setup your own website/blog in less than 1-hour, up and running.

After this course you are going to build your own website or blog on your own.


Page Builder: Design Your Website Pages and Layout

Do you want an easy way to build and customise your WordPress site? That’s where drag and drop WordPress page builder comes in handy. These WordPress page builders allows you to create, edit, and customise your site layout and design without writing any code.

Students can practice these page builder components, to build their own layouts within their WordPress themes.


Who Should Attend WordPress Training in Hyderabad

  •       Anyone wanting to create a website/blog
  •       Anyone wishing to gain WordPress knowledge
  •       Anyone who maintains and updates WordPress websites
  •       Anyone wishing to make money out of creating and/or selling websites

What Will You Learn in WordPress Training in Hyderabad

  •       How to install and configure WordPress
  •       The features and functionality of WordPress
  •       Troubleshooting techniques
  •       How to manage your blog
  •       How to select a theme for your website
  •       Much More
Basic knowledge about Internet and Microsoft Word is enough.
This 8-day WordPress Training in Hyderabad is 100% Hands-On Purpose Driven training program.

This course is divided into 3 parts/8 days. The curriculum comprises activities typically covered in a class at student’s skill level.