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Difference between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org (Free Vs Paid)

Using the WordPress.com Hosted Service – Free (e-mail)

WordPress.com is what’s known as a “hosted” solution, meaning a lot of the heavy lifting of installing and configuring the software has been taken care of for you. You don’t need to worry about paying for hosting, running a web server, or downloading software updates. You cannot install themes and plug-ins, run ads, or edit the database.

Self-Hosting with WordPress.org – Paid (Web Server & Domain)

Download and install the wordpress software yourself from WordPress.org. The advantage is that you have more control over the appearance and functionality of the way your site is run.

WordPress.org and WordPress.com Features Comparison

Features                            WordPress.org     WordPress.com

Cost                                                           Free                              Free
Requires hosting                                        Yes                                No
Requires download                                    Yes                                No
Requires setup/installation                        Yes                                No
Ability to install your own templates          Yes                                No
Ability to use sidebar widgets                    Yes                              Yes
Ability to install plug-ins                              Yes                               No
Ability to set up multiple blogs                    No                               Yes
with one account
Customizable style sheets                          Yes                          $15/year